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Wildlife Rescue and Control, Inc.

Are wild animals invading your home or business, damaging your property or setting up residence in your attic with nesting materials? Wildlife Rescue & Control, Inc. is your professional solution to these animal problems and can provide the best animal removal, property repair and animal debris/remains cleanup services in Greenwood and central Indiana. Specializing in humane animal removal services, Wildlife Rescue & Control, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to providing prompt and professional service. Our services provide both commercial and residential customers with the ability to remove all types of wildlife from your home, property or commercial buildings.

Our staff is highly trained in the safe removal of raccoons, bats, birds, skunks, moles, opossums, squirrels, groundhogs, etc. Wildlife Rescue & Control, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Natural Resources and fully insured with liability and workman's compensation coverage. A competent staff with many years of experience guarantees that the professionalism and skill needed to control your nuisance animal problem is only a phone call away. Wildlife Rescue & Control, Inc. is ready to serve you.

Learn More About Wildlife Rescue and Control, Inc.:

  • Animal Removal Service Service – Live animal removal, referred by Humane Society, commercial, and residential animal removal
  • Property Repair – Wood and siding repair, roofing repair, repair of any damage done by animal invasion
  • Animal Invasion Clean-up – Animal carcasses, animal feces, clean-up of the mess the animal left behind

Please call us if you have had an animal invasion on your home, property, or business. We will promptly assess the type of animal and begin the process to catch the animal and remove from your property.

Contact Wildlife Rescue and Control, Inc. today at 317-535-4605, or browse our website for more information about our wildlife removal services.

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